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A Family Vacations

Costa Rica is a perfect destination to enjoy a pleasant family vacation. Our vacation packages will be enjoyed by all family members, especially kids, who will surely remember this journey for a lifetime, as a trip to an exotic destination is worth a thousand books and more, and Costa Rica certainly offers you the opportunity to have fun while learning.

What does Costa Rica offer?

The country offers real interactive enhanced learning for your children, as it hosts more than 6% of the world’s biodiversity and that makes it a real and alive interactive museum. Here, your children can enjoy the mesmerizing magic of the cloud forest, home to the magnificent “quetzal” bird.

Just as well, in Costa Rica kids can learn like nowhere else the real meaning of the rainforest and its gifts to humankind in terms of both living environment and healing plants. They will also watch plants growing inside one another and even amphibians whose coloring makes them look as if they were wearing jeans!

Here in Costa Rica there are hundreds of gardens full of reptiles and butterflies, as well as a great number of protected National Parks and historical museums.

Since families are a great priority for us, we truly understand the importance of promoting a family-friendly trip and it will be our pleasure to offer you the very best of our tourism services.