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Kayaking in the Ocean, Bird Watching and Snorkeling

Tasting delicious fresh fruits as a snack, while you appreciate the beauty of the Circle of Fire Mountains in the Central Pacific and get an impressive rowing experience in the calm waters of the Pacific Ocean, are just some of the luxurious privileges Costa Rica Unique Tours SA might arrange for you.

We will guide you through a hardly imaginable journey, full of landscapes that even seem to take sighs from the very own nature, while rowing in open sea water, which allows you to behold sea life and the beauty of the Costa Rican Pacific coastline.

With us, you will discover that kayaking in open sea water is even easier tan kayaking in a river, so these are tours that are suitable for almost every traveler, either experienced in kayaking or not.

Rowing while sitting on a kayak in the middle of the ocean will give you the opportunity to witness the miracle of life, both at water surface as well as underneath it, since you will be able to watch flying fish, turtles, flocks of birds and even pelicans. Besides, you will explore some of the islands in the coastal estuaries.

Let Costa Rica Unique Tours SA guide you through these secret places that capture such exotic magic. You won’t regret it.